Grant Requirements

Grants must describe how proposed projects will work to address all of the key objectives outlined above within the context of homelessness and addiction.  Selected grants will include submissions which clearly define how the key objective will be accomplished.

Required Grant Submissions

  1. Grant application review: Monthly (as needed) except during mid-June- end of August
  2. Presentations to the Board of Trustees: Late fall to late spring
  3. Award announcements are made within 30 days from consideration by the Board of Trustees
  4. Funding: Unless otherwise agreed upon, funding is disbursed periodically
  5. Reporting- required periodically

Eligible/Ineligible Grant Activities

  1. Preferred service delivery to vulnerable or “fringe or marginalized” populations
  2. We discourage capital campaigns, endowments, or purchasing of facilities/buildings
  3. No funding of permanent subsidized housing
  4. No funding abortions
  5. Unlikely to fund large overhead or large organizations
  6. Multiyear grants allowed
  7. Organizational expenses, staff salaries, program materials and program equipment are allowed with other general operating expenses directly related to the program or project

Scope of Key Funding Objectives

  1. Prevention and/or Service of Homeless People
  2. Prevention and/or Treatment of Substance Abuse
  3. Prevention and/or Service of Animal Rescue and Nourishment and Welfare